Zoink'd! - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 No Title For this Episode Stomping moms; beat-boxing flautist; levitating magician; pie diver. 08/20/2013
E21 No Title For this Episode Poodles; cowboy band; a dad with a Bieber impression; 80's-loving dance diva. 08/15/2013
E20 No Title For this Episode Semi-formal dancers; magician; soccer ball charmer; mom with a flight path. 08/14/2013
E19 No Title For this Episode Bowl spinner; Bollywood dancer; karaoke mom; rubber-faced dad; hippie juggler. 08/13/2013
E18 No Title For this Episode Rapping dads; blanket-spinning contortionist; beat-boxing didgeridoo player; fire spinner. 08/08/2013
E17 No Title For this Episode Martial artist; cupcake competition; straightjacket escape; magical umbrella act. 08/07/2013
E16 No Title For this Episode A levitating magician; a raptor ventriloquist; a human Jenga stack; slam poetry king. 08/06/2013
E15 Zoink's Ahoy! A shockingly spry break-dancer; a dancing dad with world's fasted feet; a bubble artist. 03/30/2013
E14 Quest for the Goo A banjo-playing farmer; a magician; a hungry harmonica player and a messy spaghetti dinner. 03/23/2013
E13 GOO O'Clock: The Zoinking Hour A scientific break dancer; fire juggler; a talking chicken; a balancing contortionist; a daredevil. 03/16/2013
E12 Goo'd With The Wind A disco stilt walker; a banana contortionist; a superhero bee; a terrifying break-dancer. 03/09/2013
E11 Up Goo River Without a Paddle A bowling ball juggler; the nerdiest break-dancer ever; a sea captain who's afraid of water. 03/02/2013
E10 When the Goo Hits the Fan Chainsaw juggler; belly dancer; drum-playing clown; crime-fighting dog. 02/23/2013
E9 Gooey With a Chance of Zoinking Contortionist pianist; garbage band; goblin in a tutu; a man who drives a nail up his nose. 02/16/2013
E8 Here Today, Goo'd Tomorrow A chipmunk karaoke singer; dangerous salad tossing; blindfolded painter; strong man. 02/09/2013
E7 Don't Even GOO There! Shakespearean juggler; musical workout; cheesy song. 02/02/2013
E6 The Zaniest Place on Earth A bicycle ballerino; magician; balloon enthusiast; dad who raps and yodels. 01/26/2013
E5 Let's GOO This! Fruit-eating pumpkin head; eight-animal dance troupe; high-flying magic act; golden juggler. 01/19/2013
E4 Can't Zoink This A group of moms benefit on a dance craze; a married couple can't decide what to wear. 01/12/2013
E3 Everybody Zoink Now 01/05/2013
E2 Zoink There it is A mom with a call for the wild; a magician with a wardrobe malfunction. 11/24/2012
E1 Return of the Zoink A dynamo dancer; steel-stomached beauty queen; banana band dads; street performer. 11/17/2012