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1AFNSP SportsCenter CC 2016 World Cup of Hockey Team Sweden vs. Team Europe NEW
2AFNAT Face the Nation CC Today CC The View CC
Home & Family The Doctors CC
4AFNP General Hospital CC Days of our Lives CC The Bold and the Beautiful CC Modern Family I Don't Know How She Does It CC
5AFNN 60 Minutes CC Fox News Sunday CC Government Matters This Week in Defense News CC
NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup Series: New England 300 NEW PGA Tour Golf Nationwide Children's Hospital Championship, Final Round
7ZAP2IT Zap2it Program Guide Zap2it Program Guide
Little Einsteins The Northern Night Light My Friends Tigger & Pooh Darby's Prickly Predicament; Piglet's Monster Under the Bed CC Sesame Street CC Doc McStuffins Awesome Possum; The Bunny Blues Sheriff Callie's Wild West Callie Asks for Help, Peck's Trail Mix Mix Up
Sesame Street CC Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia The Day Vestroia Stood Still CC Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Hunting Down the Hunter, Part 2 CC Slug Terra The Return Iron Man: Armored Adventures Armor Wars CC
The Killing Fields (1984) The Entertainers Meddling Mom (2013)
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