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1AFNSP Sports SportsCenter With Michael and Jemele
2AFNAT The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon CC The Late Show With Stephen Colbert CC Jimmy Kimmel Live CC NASCAR Post-Race
3AFNSM Namaste Yoga Namaste Yoga Home & Family
4AFNP CNN Newsroom Live Good Morning America CC
5AFNN The Lead CC The Five Tavis Smiley CC NBC Nightly News CC
SportsCenter Featured Highly Questionable CC Around the Horn CC Pardon the Interruption CC A Football Life
7ZAP2IT Zap2it Program Guide Zap2it Program Guide
Guy's Grocery Games Friend or Foe Catfish Caitlyn & Kenton The Real Housewives of Atlanta Say Yes to Distress CC
Mike the Knight Mike the Knight and the Great Waldorfini; Mike the Knight and Mr. Cuddles' Bath Time Mike the Knight Mike the Knight and the Court Jester; Mike the Knight and the Wooden Horse PAW Patrol Pups and the Kitty-tastrophe; Pups Save a Train CC PAW Patrol Pup Pup Boogie; Pups in a Fog CC Sesame Street CC
10AFNMV Lawless (2012) ES.TV CC Access Hollywood CC
Dave Ramsey NPR All Things Considered APM's Marketplace