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1AFNSP 2017 Open Championship Second Round
  • LIVE
2AFNAT Days of our Lives CC The Bold and the Beautiful CC New Girl Operation: Bobcat CC Wheel of Fortune CC Jeopardy! CC
3AFNSM The Daily Show With Trevor Noah At Midnight Twin Peaks: The Return Part 10 House of Cards Chapter 59 CC
4AFNP The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon CC The Late Show With Stephen Colbert CC Jimmy Kimmel Live CC
5AFNN America's Newsroom CBS This Morning CC
MLB Baseball San Diego Padres at San Francisco Giants
7ZAP2IT Zap2it Program Guide Zap2it Program Guide
Bee Movie (2007) Lost in the West Part 1 CC Lost in the West Part 2 CC Lost in the West Part 3 CC
The Rap Game You Thought CC Teen Mom OG Lil' Starburst CC Famously Single Date Marry Dump
10AFNMV Oz the Great and Powerful (2013) The Great Gatsby (2013)
ARNN News Hour News Sports Commentary On Travel Fox Sports Dan Patrick