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1AFNSP Sports SportsCenter CC SportsCenter CC
2AFNAT 2017 American Music Awards CC This Week With George Stephanopoulos CC Meet the Press CC
3AFNSM Flea Market Flip CC House Crashers E! News Megyn Kelly Today CC
4AFNP Dr. Oz CC The Young and the Restless CC General Hospital CC
5AFNN CNN Live OBJECTified CNN Newsroom Live
Sports MLB Best's Quick Pitch
7ZAP2IT Zap2it Program Guide
The 100 His Sister's Keeper CC Blue's Clues Blue's Sad Day CC Blue's Clues What Game Does Blue Want to Learn? CC The Wonder Pets! Save the Raccoon; Save the Loch Ness Monster! CC The Wonder Pets! Save the Humpty Dumpty; Save the Meerkats CC
Bubble Guppies Swimtastic Check-Up! CC Bubble Guppies Gobble Gobble Guppies! CC Tickety Toc Superhero Time; Magic Time Tickety Toc Go Kart Time; Driving Time Sesame Street CC
10AFNMV Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
Video Game Review Yahoo Sports Talk News Sports Commentary