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1AFNSP MLB Baseball New York Yankees at Houston Astros
  • LIVE
MLB on FS1 Postgame
  • LIVE
2AFNAT College Football NHL Hockey Chicago Blackhawks at Arizona Coyotes To Be Announced
3AFNSM Ghost Hunters Manor of Mystery CC Swamp People Time's Running Out CC Oprah's Master Class Lynn Whitfield
4AFNP In Touch The Long Ride Home With Bear Woznick Where There Is Unity There Is Victory The Encouraging Word With Don Wilton Aleph Beta Aleph Beta MotorWeek CC Cars.TV CC
5AFNN Hiring America CC Our World With Black Enterprise CC CNN Live Watters' World
College Football Michigan at Penn State
  • LIVE
  • CC
College Football North Carolina at Virginia Tech NEW
7ZAP2IT Zap2it Program Guide Zap2it Program Guide
666 Park Avenue Downward Spiral CC iZombie The Whopper CC Sesame Street CC
The Loud House The Whole Picture CC Wabbit The Inside Bugs; Sun Valley Freeze Robin Hood: Mischief in Sherwood The Apprentice Lawman; Getting the Blame The Tom and Jerry Show Smitten with the Kitten; Squeaky Clean; Slinging in the Rain The Voyager With Josh Garcia CC Wilderness Vet CC
10AFNMV Dolphin Tale (2011) Finding Nemo (2003)
To the Best of Our Knowledge Presidential Address The Splendid Table The C.A.R. Show