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Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker AdventuresEpisode Guide

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Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures: Season 2

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Episode First Aired Online Video
S02, E13

S02, E12

S02, E11

S02, E10

Yearning for adventure and excitement, Rowan launches himself on a solo mission that brings him face to face with M-OC.

S02, E09

The Freemakers have all the parts they need to complete the Arrowhead, but they need to build the ship in time to save the Rebel Fleet.

S02, E08

Using his unique powers, Rowan leads the Freemakers to a planet rich in Kyber crystals and danger.

S02, E07

The Freemakers help a village of Lurmen regain their stolen Kyber crystals from the Empire.

S02, E06

The Freemakers return to the Wheel to retrieve a special part, but all they find are Graballa the Hutt and his team of bounty hunters.

S02, E05

The Freemakers cross paths again with Hondo and wind up trapped on Taul with M-OC.

S02, E04

In an attempt to attain parts for the Arrowhead, Kordi goes undercover at a swanky Imperial auction.

S02, E03

Looking for inspiration, Rowan journeys to Alistan Nor where he finds an abandoned city of Jedi and M-OC.

S02, E02

While scavenging for the Rebellion, the Freemakers meet the Empire's newest threat, M-OC.

S02, E01

New to Home One, the Freemakers embark on a series of misadventures to assist and maybe even impress the rebel fleet.

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