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Dateline My Kid Would Never Do That: Cyberbullying Parents' reactions to bullying.
  • TV-PG
Dateline My Kid Would Never Do That: Kids and Gun Safety Educating children about gun safety.
  • TV-PG
Dateline My Kid Would Never Do That: Party Safety and Sex Teenagers' reactions to drinking.
  • TV-PG
AM Joy
  • NEW
Headliners George Clooney George Clooney's humanitarian work.
Dateline Extra Crossing the Line A fatal car crash.
  • TV-PG
Dateline Extra Lost and Found An abducted girl searches for her home.
  • TV-PG
Dateline Extra Mystery at Heath Bar Farm The murder of a popular teacher.
  • TV-PG
Dateline Heart of Darkness A woman and her son are kidnapped.
  • TV-PG
Dateline My Kid Would Never Do That: Stranger Danger Acquaintances approach children.
  • TV-PG
Dateline My Kid Would Never Do That: Cheating Children face the temptation to cheat.
  • TV-PG
Dateline My Kid Would Never Do That: Stranger Safety Dateline cameras secretly rolled as parents watched how real the threat of strangers luring their kids into a vehicle or getting them to reveal their name and address could be, with important advice for every parent.
  • NEW
Dateline My Kid Would Never Do That: Driving Teens make decisions about driving.
  • NEW
  • TV-PG
AM Joy
  • NEW
Meet the Press A moderator interviews a leading public figure.
Kasie DC
  • NEW
Kasie DC
  • NEW
MSNBC Special The Year's Ten Most... Hosts Brian Williams and Nicole Wallace look back on the 10 individuals, institutions, and entities of 2017 that they believe to be the most compelling, provocative, fearless, influential and impactful.
  • NEW
Headliners Joe Biden In-depth look at the life of Joe Biden.
America in Primetime Independent Woman Women have become complex characters.
  • TV-14
Lockup: Louisville Next of Kin An escape attempt wounds an officer.
  • TV-MA
Lockup: Louisville Horribility Inmate's erratic behavior raises flags.
  • TV-MA
Dateline Captured Amanda Lindhout on being kidnapped.
  • TV-PG
Dateline The Knock at the Door Investigation into a woman's murder.
  • TV-PG
Kasie DC Kasie Hunt interviews newsmakers and previews the headlines of the week.
First Look MSNBC provides a first look at the important news, weather and political stories of the day.
  • NEW
  • NEW
MTP Daily
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